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Remote Management

Remote Management

Precise monitoring requires controls that are able to conform to the specific needs of your production facility. Cumberland control systems adapt to your climate and feeding requirements. They feature intuitive, user-friendly operation and construction built to withstand the rigors of the environment.

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Sales and Service

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About Us

About Us

Cumberland offers a full line of proven and dependable solutions to maximize the growth potential of every bird and your business. Products are engineered to be easy to install, simple to operate, durable and efficient.

What is Your Poultry Barn Trying to Tell You?

Gone are the days of tapping the side of a feed bin to predict how long you have until you’ll need a feed delivery - today’s smart systems, controllers, sensors, and feed management systems take measurements and readings in real time that you can use to improve your poultry barn environment.


You’re out of feed

Feed management - A feed management system can give you a clear picture of feed bin inventories and much feed is in the system, especially approaching time to market. Too much feed left in the system leads to costly reclamation fees. Running out of feed, however, means birds aren’t able to grow or maintain at a time when every ounce matters.


Moisture levels are rising

Ammonia, moisture and CO2 sensors - These sensors connect to the EDGE system to provide a clear picture of the barn environment. EDGE can utilize that data to improve the ventilation minute by minute or alarms can be set for if gas or moisture levels unexpectedly rise and need to be addressed.


Barn temperature is inconsistent

Temperature sensors - If there’s a difference of 10 degrees from front to back of house you’ll see a significant difference in the way birds are acting and reacting to their environment, including how they eat and drink. Getting a consistent temperature is important for consistent feed conversion.


Your birds need better lighting

Lighting and dimmers - Chickens especially are incredibly photosensitive, so understanding the lighting levels, as well as the color bulbs you're using, can have an impact on your bird growth rates and overall production. Different dimmers can have different settings, so use a light meter to ensure you’re giving your birds exactly how much light they need.


With this information at your fingertips, your poultry operation becomes a well-oiled machine at turning a pound of feed into a pound of meat.

A smart controller can put your barn’s story right at your fingertips. Learn more about the EDGE 2 Controller - the next generation of poultry barn control systems.