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Remote Management

Remote Management

Precise monitoring requires controls that are able to conform to the specific needs of your production facility. Cumberland control systems adapt to your climate and feeding requirements. They feature intuitive, user-friendly operation and construction built to withstand the rigors of the environment.

Sales and Service

Sales and Service

Check this area often for updated manuals, software updates and warranty details.

About Us

About Us

Cumberland offers a full line of proven and dependable solutions to maximize the growth potential of every bird and your business. Products are engineered to be easy to install, simple to operate, durable and efficient.

Cumberland Blog

Practical tips, industry insights and innovative solutions from our Cumberland experts to help you enhance your poultry operation.

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Enhance Efficiency>

4 Easy Tips to Enhance Efficiency in Your Poultry Farming Operation

Whether it's a cool cell, ventilation system or controller, the experts at Cumberland share their tips for keeping your poultry barns running efficiently.
Remote Feed Management>

Smart Controllers Help Poultry Producers Navigate Out-of-Feed Events

Cumberland's poultry solutions can keep your birds from running out of feed - and impacting your bottom line.
EDGE 2 Controller>

Sensors Help Producers Monitor and Manage their Poultry Barn Environment

Poultry barn sensors can keep you updated on what's happening inside your barn, and Cumberland's EDGE 2 controller can tell your barn's story.
Cumberland Poultry>

What is Your Poultry Barn Trying to Tell You?

Gone are the days of tapping the side of a feed bin to predict how long you have until you’ll need a feed delivery - today’s smart systems, controllers, sensors, and feed management systems take measurements and readings in real time that you can use to improve your poultry barn environment.
Poultry Environment>

The Ideal Poultry Environment

Feed conversion is the key factor in the success of a poultry operation. If birds aren’t eating they aren’t growing.
EDGE 2 Controller>

Cumberland EDGE Controller Saves Poultry Producers Money, Reduces Wear and Tear

Cumberland's EDGE 2 controller system saves poultry producers money and time, and this producer tells you how.
Pan Feeding>

Presentation Impacts Poultry Feed Conversion

Presentation matters in poultry feed conversion. Cumberland has the tools and feeders to help your flock beef up its stats.

Keeping Your Poultry Barn Ventilation System Running Efficiently

The experts at Cumberland share some tips for keeping your poultry barn ventilation running smoothly.

Three Conditions Make Barn Lighting Critical for Poultry Production

Even poultry like good lighting! Lighting solutions from the experts at Cumberland can improve your flock's productivity.
Preparing for Fall/Winter Seasons>

Five Tips for Preparing Poultry Houses For the Fall/Winter Seasons

With fall and winter months approaching, producers can take steps now to make sure their poultry houses are ready for the return to cooler weather.
Poultry House Dimmer>

Choosing the Right Poultry House Dimmer

Chickens are incredibly photosensitive, and their overall growth and wellbeing is dependent on the proper amount of light provided at the right times. That’s what makes a quality poultry barn dimmer such an important tool.
Cumberland Poultry>

Preparing Poultry Barns for Colder Weather

Seven steps to get your barns ready for winter.
Tunnel Ventilation>

Tunnel Ventilation Offers Warm Weather Solution for Poultry Producers

Proper ventilation is well recognized as one of the most important aspects of poultry production in promoting bird health. A main contributor to high bird stress and low bird weight is an overheated or poorly ventilated poultry barn.
Cumberland Poultry>

Prepare Poultry Houses For Warming Weather

Warmer weather is around the corner and now is a good time to conduct poultry house maintenance to help protect bird comfort and promote profitability.