Complete Turkey Systems

Complete Turkey Systems

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Complete Turkey Systems

Cumberland offers an Adult Turkey Pan, Max Adult Turkey Pan, and Turkey Poultry Feeder each with features designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of turkey producers.

key features

Multiple feed settings
User friendly feed level adjustment
Rugged construction
Feed saving features
I Plus 3 control pans


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Classic Adult Turkey Pan Design

Cumberland's Adult Turkey Feeders feature all plastic pans and shields and free swinging plastic drop tube with built in shocker wire support. Standard are the feed-saving, deep "V" bottom pans and steep, inward swept lips which reduce billout and return feed to the eating area. Feed levels in the Adult Turkey Pan are set with an easy twist adjustment.
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Adult Turkey 2” Ribbed Tubing

Exclusive to the adult turkey feeding industry, Cumberland offers a heavy duty, 2" ribbed tube design. This tube provides added strength compared to the traditional seamless tubing.
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Turkey Poultry Feeder Design

The Turkey Poultry Feeder is designed with a 2 piece drop tube for simple installation and a removable pan for easy cleanout. The inner ring helps prohibit birds from entering the pan and bringing shavings into the feed. This pan offers numerous feed level settings and is installed on 1-3/4” (44mm) tube. The Turkey Poultry Feeders utilize feed restrictor rings throughout the line which are easily raised and lowered to a desired level using an innovative, multiple setting, locking tab winch.
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Drive Unit

Cumberland's high efficiency control pan and drive unit is specially designed for simplicity and reliability, with many years of proven field performance. 50/60 hertz motors feature a two year warranty. Bleed resistors are included with all motors with capacitors to reduce heat buildup for frequent start applications. An industry proven centrifugal actuator design has been incorporated into all single phase motors.
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“Max” Adult Turkey Feeder

The “Max” Turkey Feeder inherits all the same benefits of the Standard Cumberland Adult Turkey Feeder, but boost longer support straps to provide a larger opening between the shield and the pan for easier access to feed. 

This also allows the feed tube height to increase by 2 inches, which will improve bird movement throughout the house.
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Multiple Adult Turkey Pan Designs

The adult turkey feeder is available with galvanized steel pan and red or green plastic pan.
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I Plus 3 Control Pan

Cumberland’s patented I Plus 3 Control Pan utilizes Infrared Technology to sense and detect the level of feed in the control pan for proper and reliable operation, day in and day out. Infrared technology requires no moving parts or adjustments.