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RollSeal Doors

As a grower, you pay careful attention to maintaining the best possible environmental conditions to ensure optimal poultry health. Rollseal® creates a barrier that keeps the cold out and the warmth in so you know your investment is protected. Suitable for any building, new or existing, RollSeal® doors are easy to install and operate and provide years of worry-free environment control.


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Triple-Layer Efficiency

Every state-of-the-art RollSeal® door features a tough, tear-resistant patented three-ply fabric of inner and outer layers designed to work with a durable, long-lasting, hook and loop fastener seal. Each layer works together to provide an energy-efficient double seal, ideal for poultry ventilation applications.
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Easy Install

Installation couldn’t be easier. Simply attach the strong and lightweight aluminum side channels to the head unit, stand the door upright to the frame, bolt the unit in place and you’re done. Once installed, your RollSeal® door is simple to maintain and easy to clean.
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Patented Sealing System

By pushing the hook into the loop as the curtain is lowered, two offset lower tension roller bars create the side seal, and in turn hold the fabric against the floor for a proper seal.


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RS 300 Model

Suitable for all poultry applications with sizes up to 13’ wide by 14’ high. Custom sizing is available so you can find the door that fits your needs.

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RS 400 Model

Ideal for larger applications with stronger aluminum channels, drive pipe and larger tension pipes to support longer doors. Available in sizes up to 21’ wide by 18’ high