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Cumberland is a world-class poultry production equipment manufacturer offering complete innovative solutions for feed systems, feed storage and delivery, watering systems, ventilation and controls, heaters, nesting, and more. Cumberland is focused on meeting the ever changing needs of the poultry industry with a complete line of reliable poultry production equipment that's easy to install and maintain.
GSI Group/Cumberland main office
Cumberland was established as a business unit of the GSI Group in 1985 allowing the company to expand beyond grain storage, drying and handling systems, into the poultry market. The GSI Group has been in operation since 1972 and is currently the world's largest manufacturer of grain storage, drying, and material handling equipment. Headquartered in Assumption, Illinois, The GSI Group supports a global dealer network and operates sales and manufacturing facilities throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa and the United Kingdom.



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