Network Master

Network Master



Network Master gives daily status reports and notifications including feed consumption, inventory, temperature and water for quick reaction to operational needs. Easy-to-read reports, graphs and historical data enable informed business decisions, improve efficiency and enhance animal welfare.

Key Features

Up to 50 bin display units
Up to 25 SmartIR II units
Up to 8 temperature and water units
Up to 16 different notification contracts


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Professional Facility Management

Monitor and manage vital aspects of production operation including feed consumption and inventory, temperature and water units. 

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Remote Monitoring

Information made available via the Network Master is just a click away. The online dashboard provides access to real time statistics as well as historical data for better evaluation and monitoring of vital facility operations.

  • 28 day graphical history
  • Data stored for one year
  • Click on graph for larger view
  • Customized graphs via excel downloads of 28 day data
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Feed-Link NOW

Need on-the-go access? Download the Feed-Link Now! app to your Apple, Android or Windows PC device for remote access (internet access required) to your Network Master data. Feed-Link Now! monitors feed levels, cumulative daily auger run times, cumulative water consumption, and current temperature. Feed-Link Now! also provides email or text notifications of system failures due to power loss or parameters falling outside of predefined thresholds.


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Temp and Water Monitor

  • Requires Network Master
  • Monitor daily hi/lo temperatures and water consumption
  • Up to 3 temperature probes
  • Up to 2 water meters*

* With signal(s) split to send pulse to Expert control

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SmartIR II Units

  • Controls the Flex-Flo™ auger
  • Relays all Flex-Flo™ auger information back to Network Master
  • Network Master sends emails and/or text messages for max run time and idle time events
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Feed-Link™ Units

  • Up to 8 load cells
  • Pounds, kilograms or percentage
  • Inside or outside mountable
  • Up to 2000 ft. from bin
  • Optional mounting bracket
  • Field calibration