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Turkey Watering Systems


Turkey Watering Systems

The EasyLine™ Nipple Drinking System promotes large, healthy birds and dry floors with its innovative cup design and optimal water delivery.

key features

Brooding Birds per nipple 30 - 40
Tom Finishing Birds per nipple 20
Hen Finishing birds per nipple 25 - 30


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The Principle of the Pendulum

At the heart of the system are the patented pendulum and turkey nipple. As the birds drink from the cup, their heads move the pendulum from side to side, thus triggering the nipple. The valve in the nipple opens and water flows through the pendulum into the cup.
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EasyLine Cup – Brood/Hen finishing

The EasyLine cup for brood and hen finishing is designed to deliver the proper amount of water to the birds from day one through every stage of their life. The size of the oval cup provides easy access to young poults and is designed to keep the litter dry during grow-out.
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Easyline Cup – Tom Finishing

The EasyLine cup for tom finishing is designed to handle the aggressive behavior of larger birds. An optimal supply of water is provided to the cup through the pendulum. The design of this cup is larger in diameter to help reduce the possibility of water spillage and improve litter conditions throughout the building.


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Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator has built-in flushing capabilities with the simple twist of a knob. Water pressure is easily adjusted with the regulator know located underneath the unit. The clear flexible standpipe with float ball offers accurate and precise water pressure adjustment.
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Flush Breather Unit

The flush breathe unit incorporates a clear flexible standpipe and ball for easy water pressure reading. It also includes a hose attachment for automatic flushing and cleaning.