HH20 Watering Systems

HH20 Watering Systems

Cumberland’s HH2O watering systems are designed to meet the demands of today’s broad poultry production needs. For Breeders and Pullets, FeatherSoft™ Hi-Flow Nipples with LitterGard ™ Cups provide optimum flow and precise delivery of water. Broilers can choose between FeatherSoft™ Advantage Nipples and FeatherSoft™ Hi-Flow Nipples with LitterGard to design a system that fits their unique broiler operation.

key features

360° Triggering
One Nipple from Start to Finish
Raised Water Entry Point


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Raised Water Entry Point

The nipple’s raised water entry point inside the water pipe eliminates the possibility of sediments from entering the nipple assembly.
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Simple Design

The patented three part nipple design is made with precision machined stainless steel. It includes an all stainless steel body or a stainless steel body with plastic shell, triggering pin and multi-stage metering pin. The water metering pin, extruding inside the water pipe, has a large diameter which enables it to more effectively capture and direct water into the nipple.
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360° side action triggering

The patented 360 degree triggering Feathersoft™ Nipples makes it easy to trigger the pin for an ample supply of water for birds of all ages.
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Quick Assembly

Watering sections are shipped pre-assembled according to company specifications saving significant money in installation time.


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LitterGard™ Cups

LitterGard Cups are designed to catch any water spillage caused by the aggressive triggering of larger birds, improving litter conditions throughout the building. LitterGard Cup are available in both one arm or two arm models.
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The OptiGROW™ broiler nipple has been optimized for growth. The larger diameter pin holds a large water drop and requires less triggering force to get day old birds off to a fast start. The high quality design protects against corrosion and avoids deposits to keep the nipple clean. OptiGROW™ delivers proven and dependable results with first-week low mortality and increased weight gains on jumbo birds.

Feathersoft Nipple Specifications

Number of Birds per Nipple 10-12 Feathersoft Advantage 14-17 Feathersoft Hi-Flow with Littergard
Standard Nipple Options per 10' (3M) Section* 10,12, or 15 Nipples Per 10' (3M) Section
Max. Recommended System Length 250' (80M) Per Regulator
Water Pressure Requirement 250' Length Pressure Regulator: Min. 20 PSI (1.380 BARS) Max. 45 PSI (3.103 BARS)
*Other Quantity Options Available