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Pro-1 Broiler Pan Feeder


Pro-1 Broiler Pan Feeder

Cumberland’s Pro-1* Broiler Pan Feeder is an option when Flood Feeding is required. With a new patented design, the Pro-1 provides exceptional performance for a broiler feeding system. Care for your birds from day one through grow-out with just one pan feeder. On the floor, the collapsible pan with window guard offers the traditional 2” lip height for chicks and keeps chicks from entering the flood window. Raise the feed line and the pan expands to 3.5” depth. * US Patent No. 7,647,888

key features

Flood Windows
Optional Collapsible or Locked Pan
Clear Guard to Keep Birds out of Window
8 Spoke Design for easy bird access
Hi-Lo Retro-Kit


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Adjustable Pan Settings

You decide what’s best for your birds. The Pro-1 offers unrivaled options for customizing. Flood the feeder in its 2" collapsed position or, use the simple mechanism to “lock it in” as a deep pan and flood it at the 3.5" depth.
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Tried & True

The Pro-1 carries over all the great features of the Hi-Lo pan feeder. Wide spokes and a full 360° action eliminate possible trapping and reduce bruising and injury to the birds. The higher wall and feed saver lip help prevent waste from raking. The Pro-1 skirt reduces spoilage and helps assure birds always have access to the freshest feed. Available in a fourteen (14) or eight (8) spoke model with a one or two-piece telescoping drop tube.


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Convert With Ease

Turn any existing Cumberland Hi-Lo feeder into a Pro1 Broiler Pan Feeder with the Pro-1 Retro Kit.
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I-Plus3 Control Pan

Cumberland’s patented I-Plus3 Control Pan utilizes Infrared Technology to sense and detect the level of feed in the control pan for proper and reliable operation, day in and day out. Infrared technology requires no moving parts or adjustments.
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Control Pans

Cumberland offers a selection of durable control pans for consistent feed regulation. Choose from a micro switch, proximity switch or Cumberland’s exclusive spinner motor control pan.