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Front Roll-Out Nesting Systems


Front Roll-Out Nesting Systems

Combined with proper breeder management practices, Cumberland’s nesting systems can help you achieve excellent results with minimal labor and maintenance costs.

key features

Available 16 or 20 hole, double belt models
Pre-wired with “soft start”
Easy-clean removable egg guide
Large collection table


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Convenient Front Access

Cumberland’s Front Roll-Out Nesting Systems are designed for easy cleanout and maintenance. The convenient front access eliminates time consuming disassembly. It also allows for egg collection in the event of a power failure.
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Hinged Lid promo

The hinged lid conveniently lifts and closes to block nest access.
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Nest Pads

Cumberland’s Front Roll-Out Nesting System nest pads are easy to clean with durable plastic nest bottoms.
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Smooth Belt Operation

Cumberland’s Front Roll-Out Nesting System belt rollers are made of heavy-duty plastic and are adjustable with a simple screw pin. A fiber brush clears debris off the return belt. A spring-loaded, self-adjusting belt tightener keeps the belt running smoothly. The front clean out with a belt brush continuously removes debris from the line.
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Anti-Roost Device

The Front Roll-Out Nesting System is designed to keep birds from roosting on the houses with a simple, but effective, anti-roost device and a steep pitched roof for a cleaner environment and longer equipment life.


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Pad Options

Cumberland offers grey crushed leaf or rubber finger (FRN20) pads.
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Egg Collection Tables

Egg collection tables are available to accommodate your particular nesting system layout. Completely pre-wired variable speed control with “soft start”, adjustable overhead culling shelf with fluorescent light, and table height adjustment are just a few of the features Cumberland’s egg collection tables have to offer.
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Removable extension tray

For increased egg storage during collection, a removable extension tray is an available option for the front roll-out collector table.

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Front Roll-Out Nest Closure Kit

Nest Closure Kits can be installed to keep birds from entering the nests.