Unitized RollSeal Systems

Unitized RollSeal® Doors


Unitized RollSeal® Doors

Cumberland’s patented RollSeal® Sidewall System is designed to fit the Komfort Kooler evaporative cooling system with a precision tight fit to limit air infiltration.

key features

Superior Seal
3-Layer Panel Protection
Multiple Drive Options
Mounting Brackets for Easy Installation


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Komfort Kooler Protection

Unitized RollSeal® Door Systems have two dead air spaces for the best insulating seal and protects cooling pads from inclement weather, dust, UV rays and other harmful environmental elements. It can adapt to Komfort Kooler in either the wall mount or direct-to-concrete versions.
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Triple-Layer Efficiency

Every state-of-the-art RollSeal® door features a tough, tear-resistant patented three-ply fabric of inner and outer layers designed to work with a durable, long-lasting, hook and loop fastener seal. Each layer works together to provide an energy-efficient double seal, ideal for poultry ventilation applications.
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Patented Sealing System

By pushing the hook into the loop as the curtain is lowered, two offset lower tension roller bars create the side seal, and in turn hold the fabric against the floor for a proper seal.


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Manual Drive

The manual drive utilizes a single-stage, self-locking worm gear. The construction consists of high-grade cast iron housings, steel gear and wearing parts hardened for extended life and a chain wheel and chain for operation.
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Automated Drive

The automated drive uses an extremely quiet, self-locking double worm gear unit with long service life. The Power Drive can be purchased in 240v 1ph, 208v 3ph or 480v 3ph. A motor controller is required per power drive and can be tied into industry standard controllers.