Komfort Kooler


Komfort Kooler

A main contributor to high bird stress and low bird weight is an overheated or poorly ventilated poultry house. Adaptable to new and existing poultry facilities, Komfort Kooler Evaporative Cooling Systems use the natural cooling effect of evaporation to reduce bird stress and combat seasonal dips in production caused by heat stress.

key features

End or Center Mounting Options
Easy removal pads
Wide selection of cooling pads


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Pre-Formed Square Trough

The corrosion proof, ultra-violet stabilized PVC construction of the square trough allows unevaporated water to be recirculated back to the holding tank. The square design holds 24% more water and increases wall thickness by 36% compared to round bottom systems.
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Precise Installation

Save time and money with proper installation, every time. The Komfort Kooler requires no tube cutting for the trough in the field. A perforated tray snaps onto the pre-formed square trough to hold pads firmly in place. Injection molded end caps and couplers speed installation.
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Maintenance Friendly

There are no tools required to change cooling pads with no threaded fasteners to rust.
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Jet Pump System

The Jet Pump System provides an external self-priming pump. A trough mounted float valve eliminates the need for an external tank. The Submersible pump system uses a roto-molded holding tank for increased water storage. A tank mounted float valve helps match water supply with water demand.
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EVAP Cooling Pads

Cumberland’s cooling pads are produced using the most advanced curing process and resin technology that makes them the strongest and heaviest cooling pads available. The cooling pads are made in the USA and feature a superior black diamond edge coating. They are available in sizes from 2 feet to 6 feet tall.


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Open Top System

Easy access to the spray bar for cleaning. The open top also allows you to see the water jets and easily check water pressure.
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Closed Top System

The closed top system is extruded from ultraviolet stabilized PVC for durability and ease of installation. The hinge-open cover and thumbscrews provides access to the spray bar and holds the pads firmly in place.
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Installation Flexibility

Mount on sidewalls with support brackets, if necessary. Or, install on concrete (recommended) for less fatigue to building structure, less restriction on sidewall height and a better seal for years of dependable operation.