Megaflow Fans
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Mega Flow Butterfly Fans

Cumberland Mega Flow Butterfly Fans have been engineered for improved air flow and greater efficiency. Mega Flow Butterfly Fans are easy to install, low maintenance and include many new features designed to save you time and money. Available in 36”, 50”, 52”, and 54” diameters.

key features

36”, 50”, 52” and 54” diameters
Easy to install
Low Maintenance


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Protection from the weather

Front shutter doors offer protection from harsh weather conditions, such as wind and moisture, while the fan is not in use.
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Arched Side Cone Panels

Cumberland fans are designed so they can be mounted close together when fan spacing is an issue.
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Smooth operation and Long Life

Easy access drive trains are standard on all belt drive fans. Large, cast iron, high-quality greasable pillow block bearings are used for longer life. Large pulleys allow for longer belt life and smooth operation. An automatic belt tensioner ensures proper belt tension.
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Efficiency and airflow

The strong butterfly ring weldment with a V-channel vertical brace helps block light and add strength. Air diverters improve airflow and the neoprene baffle hinge is designed for smooth, consistent operation.


Cumberland offers multiple product variations to meet your needs. Click the link to the right for relevant specifications for your operation.

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