PowerTrak Vent Machine

PowerTrak® Vent Machine

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PowerTrak® Vent Machine

The PowerTrak® Vent Machine is designed for a wall or ceiling mounted indoor installation and will provide a more cost effective way to operate your vent inlet applications. Operate attic inlets, vent doors and other items requiring a 12” or less controlled movement at, or under, a 2,000 lb. capacity.

key features

15 or 30 RPM models
120v or 240v single phase units
42.5” length for tight areas and short walls
12” Travel Rod


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Increased life

The composite load nut on the PowerTrak® Vent Machine will last longer than brass.

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Wall or Ceiling Mount

The door hinges from the top of the cabinet for a ceiling mount installation. The door is easily removed on a wall mount for unobstructed access to components.
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Limit Switch System

The Cumberland PowerTrak® limit switches are designed with a spring-cam for easy adjustment.

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The innovative Trak-Drive system captures the load block.