Radiant Brooders

ACS Direct Spark Radiant Brooder


ACS Direct Spark Radiant Brooder

A consistent, stress-free environment promotes healthier, more productive animals. Radiant heaters provide a consistent, clean burning and fuel-efficient source of warmth for all types of poultry houses.

key features

Direct spark igniter
Potted ignition control
Aluminum canopy
Stainless Steel Emitter
Easy leveling, low profile mounting bracket


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Radiant Heat

Radiant heaters provide a consistent, clean burning and fuel efficient source of warmth.
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Enclosed Ignition

The enclosed potted ignition control on the ACS Direct Spark Radiant Brooder protects components from humid and dusty environments.
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Easy Installation

Factory pre-assembled components for quick and simple installation.
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Direct Spark Ignition

3-try direct spark ignition before lockout.


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Zone Control Panel

The zone control panel allows you to control up to 30 brooders from one place. It also features a battery backup, four fused zone connections and one thermostat.
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Cumberland’s durable thermostat ensures accurate, automatic operation and are movable for your convenience.


Cumberland offers multiple product variations to meet your needs. Click the link to the right for relevant specifications for your operation.

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