Variflame Heaters

VariFlame™ Heaters


Variable Rate Heating with Less Hassle

The VariFlame variable rate heater offers producers more control, easier access and increased longevity compared to any other unit on the market. Pair the VariFlame in legacy mode with any controller, seamlessly synchronizing and adjusting with the temperature curves set in the controller to maintain desired room temperature.

Key Features

Wide variable rate range (50,000 to 250,000 BTU)
Reliable silicon nitride ignitor
Service entire heater with single 1/4" nut driver
Three cabinet finish options

Two Models to Choose From

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On/Off VariFlame Heater

The standard On/Off VariFlame Heater offers manual control over heater output. Various output levels can be easily verified and set with a simple handle adjustment.

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VariFlame with EDGE Connect

The VariFlame with EDGETM Connect is designed to work with the EDGE control system, providing additional features including stir fan mode, exercise mode, remote access and diagnostics.


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Improved Burner Performance

Most variable rate heaters have the ability to range from 65,000 to 250,000 BTU’s. VariFlame’s line‐style burner offers an extended range of 50,000 to 250,000 BTU’s, allowing it to run longer while improving heat distribution and humidity control. Even while operating at lower BTU’s, the line‐style burner provides a more consistent flame while maintaining ignition reliability, flame sense and flame stability.

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Standard On/Off Diagnostics

A multi‐color LED diagnostic system is standard on the VariFlame on/off model.

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VariFlame with EDGE Connect Control

Features a multiline OLED display with diagnostic text readout.

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EDGE Connect

VariFlame with EDGE™ Connect works seamlessly as a standalone heater or in legacy mode using on/off outputs such as the TC5 Series, Expert Series, Evolution, Pro Vision or competitive controller. When connected to the EDGE control system, advanced features such as stir fan mode, exercise mode, remote access and remote diagnostics are available. This is all possible through the patent pending control system inside this model of heater.

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Easy Maintenance

VariFlame features a single, easy-to-remove door that allows effortless access to all serviceable parts. Every aspect of the heater can be serviced using a single tool – a ¼" nut driver. The removable grill guard also allows easy clean-out of the blower wheel, ensuring peak performance.

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VariFlame Flexibility

EDGE™ Connect heaters combined with the EDGE Controller allow the utlization of LED temperature probes to run the heater and control curtains, fans, and other equipment.


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Typical Setup

Want to upgrade from an on/off heater to variable heat? Competitor models would require the installation of an entirely new set of controls. VariFlame, with built‐in smart logic, works with any control system - saving time and money.

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EDGE Connect Installation

VariFlame with EDGE Connect allows the LED probes connected to the heaters to become total room probes, used for the entire EDGE system. This dual‐use feature allows installers to run less wire and speed up installation, saving money on the entire ventilation system.

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Three cabinet options

The VariFlame heater is available in either galvanized, painted galvanized or stainless steel finish.

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Optional Outdoor Installation Kits

If interior installation is not possible, the Outdoor Kit can be used to place the heater on the building's exterior where it can be programmed to recirculate air from inside or outside.