Pro Vision

Pro Vision Environmental Controller


Pro Vision Environmental Controller

Cumberland’s Pro Vision controller is one of the most grower friendly controller’s on the market. It is easy to install, set up, use and service for professional environmental systems management with minimal effort.

key features

Four Modes: broiler, breeder, layer, turkey
Enhanced attic vent operation
Up to 14 digital inputs for feed or water
Up to 8 natural curtain zones and 16 heat zones
Up to 9 lighting and 10 ventilation programs
Water spill alarm


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Easy To Install

Cumberland has made setting up your Pro Vision easy with step-by-step setup instructions and a large keypad for quick adjustments. The USB port makes updating and saving settings simple.
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Easy to Use

The large screen and high resolution display makes navigating the controller screen simple and intuitive. The main settings and menus are easy to access.
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Easy to Service

The built in diagnostic software makes servicing the unit simple. The Pro Vision also offers outstanding high voltage surge protection and accessible pull-out wire terminals. Optional AMP reading relays available.


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Input Boards

Optional input boards for up to 24 additional temperature probes and 8 additional water meter inputs are available.
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Relay Panel

Add a second relay panel for up to 60 relay outputs. The relay panel offers on/off/auto relay switches, open/off/close switches for curtain relays, a clear protective door and LED lights. The Relay Panel is a simple addition with only 5 wires between the controller and the relay panel.