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Expert-WW Ventilation Controller

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Expert-WW Ventilation Controller

Precise control of the temperature, airflow, bird weight, water consumption, feed inventory and lighting is a must for achieving top profits for growers. Connecting all of these elements together into one management system that is cost affective and easy to operate is even more critical. Control ventilation based on static pressure and temperatures with Cumberland’s Expert-WW Controller and get access to real-time data for your entire site from a single location.

key features

Large LCD Display
8 Indoor Temperature Sensors
20 Built-In Relays
3 programs to control room temperature
Energy Saving Features


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Program one control chip to easily transfer settings data.
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Minimum Ventilation Cycle

When ventilation is not required for temperature control, fan outputs can run either continuously or intermittently to reduce humidity levels and supply oxygen to the room.
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Ventilation and Humidity Control

The controller can open 2 natural ventilation curtains and stop all ventilation when the outside temperature is sufficiently warm. Tunnel ventilation reduces the temperature perceived by the animals when room temperature rises. Inside and outside humidity sensors allow you to control the humidity in the room.


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Relay Panel

Add a second relay panel for up to 60 relay outputs. The relay panel offers on/off/auto relay switches, open/off/close switches for curtain relays, a clear protective door and LED lights. The Relay Panel is a simple addition with only 5 wires between the controller and the relay panel.
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Back-Up Safety

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Enhance your system with the addition of a humidity sensor probe, water meter and static pressure transmitter.