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Poultry Feeding Systems

Cumberland offers a feeding system to accommodate the specific need of your operation. All systems are designed for flexibility, low maintenance and reliability to keep down both installation and operating costs.
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Feed Delivery and Storage

Cumberland's Bulk Feed Tanks and Flex-Flo™ perfectly illustrate the attention to detail that quality demands. Cumberland is a part of GSI, the world's largest manufacturer of corrugated, galvanized steel storage tanks. The ability to leverage over 35 years of bin manufacturing experience and technology allows Cumberland to provide quality feed storage and delivery systems that address a wide range of design and capacity requirements.
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nesting systems

Cumberland offers Mechanical Nesting Systems to reduce stress on birds while decreasing the number of floor and slat eggs. Mechanical nests can contribute significantly to enhancing hatchability and profitability by providing hens with a comfortable, safe and easily accessible laying area and growers with efficient and dependable automated egg collection.

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Climate Control

Precise control of temperature, airflow, bird weight, water consumption, feed inventory and lighting is a must for achieving top profits for growers. Cumberland offers a complete line of control, alarm, heating and ventilation systems.