"The Quiet Dryer is really is much quieter and a very significant difference compared to what we had before."

Phil Barnett - Clarksville, IA

“I wanted to update to a newer model to get more drying capacity and efficiency,” Phil Barnett says. “The quieter sound makes working conditions much nicer, especially since we spend a lot of time working at our grain dump site located close to the dryer.”

The Quiet Dryer alleviates on-farm noise and benefits nearby neighbors who can hear the loud noise of standard portable dryers from miles away. Not only is the new dryer quieter, but with a frequency centered in the 1,000 Hz range, it produces a more comfortable, less harsh tone.

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"What it boils down to is GSI has good products at a good price and offers good service."

Craig Schultz - Midwest Farmers Coop - Nebraska

In the last few years, we have almost exclusively put up GSI bins because we have had good luck and no issues with the bins. Being in Nebraska where we have strong winds frequently, the stiffness of bins is a determining factor. GSI has designed stiffeners to withstand our high wind well. What it boils down to is GSI has good products at a good price and offers good service, both from the company and through the dealer. When we spend that amount of money, we want the equipment to be here long term. That is what we’ve gotten from GSI and why we will keep building GSI equipment.

When farmers can get in and out in 7 to 8 minutes they can get back to the field that much faster. Equipment has become so much easier to maintain and operate; we don’t have the breakdowns we used to. Efficiency wise, the new system has knocked it out of the park for us.

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"The GSI TopDry works well and you don’t have to babysit it"

John Whaley

“I am the type of farmer that does my homework; I crunched the numbers and worked with my resources to develop a plan,” said Whaley. He wanted a plan that would not only be faster and more convenient, but also improve his farm’s profitability. His goal was to use his storage system to capture the market basis when crop prices were good. If the prices weren’t there, the carry would be the important part. Through his research he was able to show that a new system would pay for itself and the yield, quality, speed and convenience would all be added benefits. “It was all about maximizing my farm’s profit,” said Whaley.

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Clint McLeoud

"We’ve been with GSI since the 1950s"

Clint McLeod - BriMac Farms

For the past 20 years, we’ve dried all our corn on farm. We have one of the original TopDry systems. When we are running at our best, we are drying and moving corn quickly. About five years ago we added a loading bin so we could fill a semi in three minutes. It used to take 30 minutes when we used an auger. When we break it down, we can get an extra round a day or so. We are looking to be as efficient as possible, especially knowing our farm is set to continue expanding.

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"I need one less combine, two less trucks and three fewer employees if I start early, harvest at higher moisture and dry my grain"

Brent Smith - Lebanon, Indiana

"Starting at 28% and getting the crop in as quickly as possible reduces invisible loss and nearly eliminates weather, disease and head shatter loss. With today’s higher yield and corn value, the invisible loss covers the fuel cost to run my dryer,” said Smith.

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Mike Lambert

"The safety features on these bins are really nice to have"

Mike Lambert - Eastern Grain Marketing, LLC

This facility was built to be a shuttle loader so speed, dependability and a long-term company relationship were crucial. Any company can have speed, but not every company has quality and dependability. You put all this money into a facility like this, and the key is to be able to load trains efficiently from the beginning. We have done that since November 2013. When we did have issues, GSI was there to help.

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"I chose the GSI dryer because it’s extremely efficient and the Vision Control System makes it very simple to operate"

Carl Ryan

Many years ago Carl Ryan realized that if he started harvest earlier he could bring in more bushels. Today he starts at 30% moisture and intends to be finished by 20%. Having grown up on a farm, he is very familiar with weather and head shatter losses. So it didn’t take him long to figure out that if he finishes harvest by 20% then he doesn’t have to deal with those other losses. “I think 26% is the optimum moisture to harvest. It balances the combine damage at higher moistures and the loss of yield from allowing it to dry in the field,” said Ryan.

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"We decided on the GSI Tower Dryer because we wanted a dryer with the capacity to allow us to start harvest at 30% and get the crop in during good conditions with minimal loss"

Craig & Brian Foutch

With big plans to carry on the success of their family farm, the Foutch brothers have always invested in their farm equipment, practices and grain systems. They are firm believers in keeping up with technology and quickly upgraded their combine to monitor their yields and grain moisture. Having this information at their fingertips made the brothers realize one thing; they needed to increase their drying capacity.

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"I harvest early to capture my full yield, eliminate as much loss as possible, and ultimately to maximize profits"

Jeff Gehrig - Spoon River Valley Farms

Jeff Gehrig upgraded to a GSI T-Series 20100 Tower Dryer. He chose the Tower Dryer because of its efficiency and high capacity. Today, Gehrig approaches harvest with the mindset to start as early as possible and harvest as fast as possible to get the crop out of the field before it drops below 20%. “When my corn is still standing in the field and moisture drops below 20% the invisible, weather and head shatter losses are far more than the drying costs,” said Gehrig.

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"I was so pleased with GSI’s X‐Series Sweep that I immediately ordered 30 more units for my facility"

Mr. Chana Ritthikai - Siam, Indica

Mr. Chana Ritthikai recently ordered an X‐Series Sweep to test out in hopes of replacing an old one. At his facility he is responsible for the care of rice stock; checking rice quality, weighing, storage, cleaning polish, sizing, color and packaging. He was tired of being slowed down by an old sweep that took 10 days to finish a 105 foot silo and would continually be broken down during key operation times that then required him to send several workers inside to repair it. Since installing the X‐Series Sweep and testing the unit, Ritthikai was extremely pleased with how the product performed at his facility.


"WatchDog offers the farmer a little peace of mind"

Trafton Shannon - Saline County Missouri

Using his smartphone, Shannon is able to monitor the dryer operation with GSI’s WatchDog System, which monitors various dryer functions such as moisture, temperature and dryer status, all from the convenience of a home or office computer, or from a smartphone. It sends texts or emails to Shannon’s smartphone on the dryer’s progress. It offers the farmer a little peace of mind. “When I go to bed, I set my phone next to me and I can see what is going on down the road,” Shannon says. “And when I am on the road or in the field, I can monitor the grain system and shut it down if necessary.”

"Having my own storage system, I don’t have to wait in lines at the elevator at harvest."

Mitch Finney - London, Ohio

“Having my own storage system, I don’t have to wait in lines at the elevator at harvest,” Finney said. “We can work in the field every day to bring the crop in. It speeds up harvest so much. And drying my own grain costs less than the elevator charges."

“Now we can hold on to our grain longer and use all kinds of different strategies,” he said. “For example, we have an ethanol plant close to us, and when they start running low, they offer a premium to us. We never had that option before.”

“It all works together very fine-tuned,” he said. “I can be drying corn at the same time I’m unloading grain into the wet bin. I can have several conveyors and three-bucket legs running at the same time. Everything is all right there close together, running smoothly.”

“If yield potential starts increasing with all the new corn and soybean technology, we’ll expand again,” he said.


"Employee safety is a big issue on this operation, and the VersaLoop helps tremendously in this matter."

Tom Burnham - Arkansas

"When you’re putting something up 60ft above the ground, I don’t want my employees having to go up there anymore than we have to. With the direct drive gear box on the VersaLoop you don’t have a set of belts up there that you have to maintain or keep adjusting."

“I was using my first VersaLoop to fill my 1226 dryer from my wet holding hopper tank and I had it set up to where it was starting and stopping under load and I’ve had no issues at all. We just ordered a second VersaLoop to fill our new bin from the ChainLoop."

"The efficiency, along with the quality of grain that comes from the roof dryer, is unbeatable"

Mike Phillips - Montezuma, Iowa

The project included a 36', 30,000-bushel TopDry that will dry about 1,200 bushels per hour. “The efficiency, along with the quality of grain that comes from the roof dryer, is unbeatable,” he says.

“One of the biggest benefits of my storage system is I’m able to dry my grain for significantly less than the price I’d have to pay at the elevator,” Phillips says. “I’m also able to receive a better price for my grain, since I can sell it at different times throughout the year, instead of having to take it straight to the elevator at harvest.”

Given the opportunity for higher profitability and increased flexibility at harvest, on-farm grain storage can be a key component of your grain marketing strategy. “I decided I needed more drying capacity for my grain, and building a new bin was the solution,” says Phillips. “Plus, with the benefits of on-farm grain storage, it made the most sense to have a large bin built. I also have plenty of room to add more storage bins later, if needed.” Phillips adds, “I had some basic ideas for what I wanted to do, but Tim really helped with the layout,” he says of his GSI dealer.