Commercial Systems

As a commercial grain operator, you need proven and dependable solutions that maximize productivity and efficiency. We are driven to provide top-of-the-line products from GSI, Zimmerman and InterSystems that will protect, condition and move your customers’ grain. We are committed to be with you every step of the way with our worldwide network of dealers and contractors.

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Zimmerman Tower Dryers

After their start in 1963, Zimmerman became the market leader in tower design; since becoming part of the GSI, in 2001, GSI has worked to continue this tradition of quality and performance. With a design that natively allows for easy heat recovery without the uneven heat issues of other dryers, along with a patented self cleaning divider floor and quiet operation, Zimmerman tower dryers give you the features you need.
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X-Series Sweep

The zero-entry X-Series Sweep incorporates our industry-leading positive drive system and the most intelligent sweep control on the market today to provide the highest performance of any zero-entry sweep. Additional safety switches are easily added to the X-Series control to prevent employees from entering the bin during the operation of the sweep.
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Temporary Storage

Temporary storage systems offer a quick, efficient and cost effective way to increase your storage capacity. For only pennies per bushel you can handle up to 2 million or more bushels (50800 MT).

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X-Series Ladders

At GSI, your safety is our number one priority. That’s why we have carefully designed the exclusive X-Series ladders and platforms specifically to meet OSHA guidelines to ensure the safest work environment possible.
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From receiving to load-out, each day your facility moves, weighs, loads, and samples millions of tons of material. The success of your operation relies not only on the quality of the commodity but the dependability of the equipment used to keep it moving. The InterSystems brand of bulk material handling systems offer the speed and reliability you need to satisfy customers and grow profits.
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Owner Resources

GSI has the resources you need to help plan the perfect grain system, as well as everything you need to keep your system running efficient and safe.
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GSI product sales, quoting, tech support and installations are handled through the GSI Dealer network. Click here to find your local GSI dealer.