QuickBolt™ Towers feature fewer bolts, less pieces and a time saving platform design for more efficient on-site assembly. Our unique, industry leading design is available for bucket elevators, support towers, and catwalk support towers.

Key Features

Footprints 8'-24' x 8'-24' in 2' increments
4-legged Tower Footprints 4'-6' x 6'-14' and 8'-24' in 2' increments
2-legged Tower Footprints 6'-14' in 2' increments


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Industry Leading Strength-to-Weight Ratios

The new chevron-bracing design allows for easy access when working around the tower and when combined with the tube construction you get industry leading strength-to-weight ratios. This allows for the utilization of single bolt connections and significantly reduces the number of bolts required for assembly.
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Intuitive Connection Designs for Ease of Assembly

The QuickBolt design requires fewer bolts, resulting in less time spent assembling, while still leading the industry in strength-to-weight ratios; simple connections and alignment guides aid in the ease of field assembly.
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Platforms can be built as separate units and placed between tower sections; this allows the installer to build the platform separately and then place it between the tower sections up in the air. Platform beams stack on platform support beams, further simplifying platform assembly.


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Catwalk Support

Cantilever support beams limit interference between the catwalk and tower bracing, reducing the complexity of connecting the bridge to the tower and eliminating the need for custom bracing.
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Our fast stack assembly process greatly reduces erection time while pre-welded stair support brackets give a precise and level fit with no clamping necessary. Stairs are available in wrap around or switch back options.