Product Comparison

GSI QuickBolt Towers and Catwalks come in three different product lines – Ready-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order and Configure-to-Order. The Engineer-to-Order product can be designed exactly to your specifications, and the Configure-to-Order product allows you to combine sections and platforms of various sizes in any order. Ready-to-Order Towers are engineered with the same high-quality as all GSI QuickBolt Towers and are designed to support the most common bucket elevator configurations.

Ready-to-Order Towers Configure-to-Order Towers Configure-to-Order Catwalks Engineer-to-Order Towers Engineer-to-Order Catwalks
Height/Length 2' Increments up to 160' 1' Increments 5' Increments up to 125' Built to request Built to request, spans up to 190'
Footprint 8', 10', 12' Standard N/A Standard or Custom N/A
Width N/A N/A 4' to 9' N/A Built to request

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