X-Series Ladders


X-Series Ladders

Your safety is our number one priority. That’s why we have carefully designed the exclusive X-Series ladders and platforms specifically to meet OSHA guidelines to ensure the safest work environment possible.

Key Features

Mounted 90-degrees to the sidewall to eliminate tripping hazards
All platforms have a spring loaded safety gate installed that will close after you enter the platform
X-Series ladders will integrate with our x-series roof stairs to provide a safe transition from the sidewall to the roof


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Unique Mounting for Safer Climbing

X-Series ladders are mounted 90-degrees to the sidewall to eliminate tripping hazards such as stiffeners, wind rings and other bracketry.
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Intuitive Platform Design

All X-Series Platforms are installed every 30' (9.14 m) on vertical ladders and feature slip-resistant floors. With the X-Series ladders you will never have to side step over to the platform from the ladder. From the ladder you can walk forward through a spring loaded safety gate onto your rest platform or eave platform.

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Platform Safety Swing Gates

X-Series Ladders and Platforms feature a spring-loaded, step-through safety gates that is easily opened with just a push. These one-way swinging gates provide enhanced safety and ease of access while climbing.
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Roof Stairs & Flat Top Handrail Options

X-Series Roof Stairs are designed to integrate with the Eave platform to provide a safe and efficient transition from the ladder to the roof. Flat Top Handrail attaches to the flat top and transitions from the roof stairs.
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Winding Stairs

We also have a winding stair option available on 2.66” (67.56 mm) flat bottom bins from 42’-156’ (12.8-47.55 m) diameter. Unlike standard handrails that can have sharp edges, X-Series Stairs include smooth, continuous round handrails that are powder coated. They also come equipped with galvanized treat plates with an extruded slip-resistant pattern for a secure footing as you climb the bin.