Temporary Storage Systems


Temporary Storage Systems

Temporary storage systems offer a quick, efficient and cost effective way to increase your storage capacity. For only pennies per bushel you can handle up to 2 million bushels or more.

Key Features

Capacity up to 2 Million bushels or more
Wall Heights 3.5', 6' and 8'


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Wall Panels

GSI’s wall panels can be configured to the needs of your system. Patent-pending wall design provides maximum airflow. Durable galvanized finish wall sheeting and supports.
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Proper Air Flow

Customize your system with a 12”, 18”, or 24” (304.8, 457.2 or 609.6 mm) diameter pipe to fit your commodity airflow requirements. All sizes feature a durable design for multiple year use as well as a polypropylene corrugated double wall tube with a smooth-surface inner wall to promote maximum airflow.

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We offer a full line of tarps to ensure your grain is protected. Our integrated internal strapping system and Velcro rain flap with grommet connection will protect your grain from the elements.

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Door Openings

20’ (6.1 m) or 30’ (9.14 m) door opening options ensure you can get your equipment in and out to quickly fill and empty your temporary storage.

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Wall Heights

Balance your footprint availability and capacity need with GSI’s 3 different wall heights. Available in 3.5’, 6’ or 8’ (1.07, 1.83 or 2.44 m).