Micro Ingredient Systems


Micro Ingredient Systems

Micro ingredient systems help reduce manufacturing costs, increase plant efficiency, provide better traceability and inventory control, and offer a safer environment. InterSystems offers both weight gain and weight loss systems to help accurately and precisely control ingredient batch weighing.

Key Features

Quantity of Bins Number of bins available per unit range from 2 to 30
Volumetric Capacity Ranges from 3 to 25.5 based on 200 lb. or 500 lb. scale on the weight gain or weight loss model specified
Discharge Length Ranges from 28" to 214" depending on number of bins on the weight gain or weight loss model specified


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Weight Gain Models (MS1)

Weight gain models are the industry standard. They are typically constructed for hand-add ingredients but can be altered to be fed by bulk bags.
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Weight Loss Models (MS2)

Weight loss systems offer the ultimate in flexibility and accuracy. Each bin within a weight loss system acts as its own scale, allowing for continuous inventory of any product at any time. Multiple VFDs can be used to reduce batch times by running more than one bin simultaneously. A standard proximity switch on each bin lid alerts that a bin lid is open which helps reduce errors and provides traceability.
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Clean Operation

The dust-tight design provides maximum cleanliness. The weigh hopper shroud is designed to contain batching system dust and prevent wind currents within the plant from affecting scaling accuracy. Access doors on the shroud are provided to allow easy cleaning and inspection of the weigh hopper. A feeder manifold with dust seals is provided for the top of the weigh hopper shroud.
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Dust Collection Hood

Optional dust collection units can be added to the tops of the bins to effectively control dust as bins are being filled.
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Inlet Grate

A grate installed at the top of the inlet prevents utility knives, parts of bags and other contaminants from falling into the bin. This prevents potential damage to the auger and bins, and helps maintain the integrity of the mix.