Gravity Screeners


Gravity Screeners

InterSystems’ line of gravity screeners removes broken kernels, dirt, and other foreign material with nominal operating expense, and may lead to operational cost savings. Rather than relying on an external power source, InterSystems’ screeners are designed to work solely off gravity after the discharge. FM (Foreign Material or “fines”) is removed by allowing the smaller particles to pass through product-specific screens.

Key Features

Screening Capacity 1,500 - 40,000 Bushels per Hour
By-Pass Capacity 1,500 - 60,000 Bushels per Hour
Mesh Types Select mesh based on commodity, including (but not limited to): special corn kernels, extra-large corn kernels, large corn kernels, soybeans, edible beans, sunflower seeds, wheat, barley, oats, milo, rye, sorghum, canola, rice, quinoa, millet
Inlet/Outlet Dimensions (sq. inches) 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 19", 28"


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Internal Proportional Bypass

InterSystems internal proportional bypass provides the ability to fine tune the amount of grain run across the screens. Its single rack and pinion internal gate provides unlimited adjustment from 100% straight through by-pass mode to full cleaning mode and every ratio in between. With the bypass employed, the PC-40000 model can process up to 60,000 BPH (1524 MTH).

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Ease of Maintenance

InterSystems’ screeners feature removable plates, doors and panels for easy access to all maintenance, service and inspection points. Positive hold-downs secure screens solidly yet allow for quick and tool-free screen changes. Lid clips provide easy access to inspect and service without tools.
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Heavy Duty Construction

The heavy duty doors feature sealed edges which interlock with the screener’s body for a rain-tight seal. Pipe and rod hinges won’t rust or break and their pins are removable.
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Electric Controls

InterSystems screeners may be ordered with the bypass gate operated by an electric rotary actuator. The rotary actuator can be operated by the plant PLC or by an InterSystems wall-mount controller that provides a percentage open reading.
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Service Platforms

Installation of a service platform is simplified by the screener’s standard mounting stand which bolts to the platform for added stability.