The VersaLoop™ round tube chain conveyor will change the way you move grain. VersaLoop can be used in multiple applications in your systems making grain movement easier than ever and to minimize your maintenance needs.

Key Features

Capacity 4,000 - 10,000 BPH
Tube Diameter 8”, 10”, 12"
Maximum Length 325'
Paddle Material UHMW
Chain 81XHH


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Gentle Grain Handling

Our chain loop system utilizes UHMW paddles and conveyor chains to gently pull the grain, resulting in less grain damage than traditional augers.
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Low Maintenance

Direct drive configuration reduces maintenance needs from traditional belts and pulleys. All serviceable parts are located at the drive end allowing easy access in service situations and eliminating the need to climb multiple bins in horizontal applications.
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Reach Taller Bins

Reaches inclines up to 60 degrees to load taller bins.
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Easily configurable to multiple applications, the VersaLoop can be used to expand off your chain loop, move grain between bins, load and unload dryers, as well as for a variety of other applications.
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The VersaLoop can be used with any of our accessory offerings including by-pass inlets, inlet hoppers, discharge spouts, and head gates.
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Limited Trussing Required

VersaLoop is designed so that limited supports are required, reducing the parts and pieces required to build your system. See the specification table to see maximum unsupported spans.


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