GSI TopDry Batch & AutoFlow Dryers



Though the TopDry is technically drying grain in the bin, it is really more like an out of bin dryer. Combine the TopDry’s limited depth, roof drying floor and high capacities with the same high capacity fans used on our Portable Dryers and you get capacities equal to our largest Stack Portable Dryer. 

The TopDry is available in a completely manual batch version and an automatic AutoFlow version which operates exactly the same as our out of bin dryers, requiring the same support items such as a wet tank.

Key Features

Capacities/HR Up to 2,176 bph Dry & Cool @ 5 pt. removal
Operation Type Dry/Cool
Fuel LP or Natural Gas
Electrical 1 and 3 phase
Native cooling heat and aeration air Recovery


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TopDry Terminal

Introducing TopDry Terminal, bringing increased control and access to TopDry settings and historical data. TopDry Terminal is the standard control for AutoFlow and AutoBatch TopDrys, and is available as an option on Manual Batch TopDrys.

Utilizing the same top of the line, Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC used in our Zimmerman Tower Dryers, the TopDry Terminal features an easy-to-read, large color touch-screen. WatchDog remote monitoring and control is standard for the first time on TopDry with the TopDry Terminal (owner supplied internet connection required). The system uses advanced graphics and animation to give a visual representation of the TopDry’s operation, and these same animations are also used remotely via WatchDog.

The TopDry Terminal is completely automated with full control over the fill system, fan(s), heater(s) and dump chutes with monitoring and safety equipment in place. It can be controlled by straight-time, grain temperature using four electronic temperature sensors or a combination of both. With the microprocessor-based AutoFlow System, you can control two fans and heaters, two separate load augers and two aeration fans. The system will indicate the cause of any malfunction and automatically shut down.
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Unique Design

Our TopDry Dryers are built to streamline your operation with easy maintenance and optimization. A shallow layer of grain on a peaked floor just under the roof allows TopDry to achieve airflows similar to Portable Dryers at low static, while simultaneously providing capacities not available in any other bin based dryer. Fan units are located on the ground via ductwork for easy operation and maintenance. All cooling airflow and heat is recovered and recycled into the air and heat from the main fans, increasing capacity and providing the best efficiency possible. No other dryer can dry more efficiently than TopDry.
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GSI was the first to put the fan units on the ground for easy operation and maintenance, and also ensuring air and heat are completely mixed for even drying and peak efficiency. Fan units can be parallel or perpendicular to the bin to conform to available room and direct low level noise away from the operation area; the lower section automatically adjusts for height and any variation in pad height over the years.​
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Chute Controller

Designed and built by GSI, our chute controller uses a VFD drive for dependability and durability. By using a heavy chain we eliminate bending damage to the cable in this key area. This along with large diameter pulleys at other bend points results in a cable life of over 20 years.
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WatchDog allows you to monitor and control your dryer from anywhere. Monitor and adjust moisture and temperature from your phone, tablet, or computer with ease.​
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Unmatched Structural Strength

Our dryers are tested with pea fill to assure no sagging to affect operation or failure due to inadequate structure. Full length C-Channel rafters give full support from top to bottom eliminating sagging that could affect operation.​
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Built in Expansion

Start with a Manual Batch, single fan TopDry and add a second fan at a later time. Any Batch TopDry can be upgraded to an AutoFlow by changing the leveling band positions and adding the automation controls and equipment. The original Batch TopDry can expand up to 4 times its original daily drying capacity.


One size does not fit all when it comes to drying grain, and that’s why GSI features a complete lineup of grain dryers. With the ability to dry in or out of bin, batch or continuous flow we have the dryer to fit your needs and maximize your profitability.

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