GSI Grain Bins, TopDry, Bucket Elevator, Hi-Flight Conveyor / Corn / 2015

Completed in August 2015, this facility is fully automated with automatic start and stop on the dryer, pit, leg, and all augers. Set up to operate on its own without any human interference, it's as simple as pulling up, dumping, and driving away.

Equipment at this site includes a 36' 11-Ring TopDry with 1,623 BPH drying capacity, a 48' 13-Ring 4024 model grain bin with 77,768 bu. of storage, a 130' tall 5,777 BPH bucket eleveator, and a 5,500 BPH Hi-Flight Conveyor.

Project completed by: Darad Inc.

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    36' 11-Ring TopDry with 1,623 BPH drying capacity

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    4024 48' 13-Ring Bin with 77,768 bushels of storage

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