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Engineered to Order

From design through manufacturing to delivery, GSI’s engineered solutions and collaborative process ensure the highest quality products and efficient project coordination.

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More Product in Bins at No Extra Cost

The fully-enclosed load-shoe of the Open Belt Conveyor allows the tail section to be positioned outside the building. The plow can be closer to the end wall for a tighter discharge point. The OBC’s gravity take-up box can be positioned anywhere along the conveyor for improved access.

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Cleaner Operation

Hinged SS wire-mesh bottoms on enclosed belt conveyors ease maintenance and cleaning while still meeting industry safety standards.

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Blend Tower Structure Design

GSI’s patented design removes cross-bracing and promotes quick installation. The seismic and environmental variables of each site are analyzed prior to final design. Beams are hot dipped galvanized steel.

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3-Way Valves

3-way valves with Salem gates are connected to weigh hoppers. All manufactured of stainless steel. Enlarged tower footprint allows for ease of access at interior platforms.

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Salem Gates

From overhead bin storage, GSI’s dual stage and full-open pneumatic Salem gates control the flow to weigh hoppers.

Salem gates are constructed of stainless steel – even the interior shaft – and have 2-stage pneumatic cylinders that allow for full-open, partial- open or a quick bump for accurate measurements.