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    Our innovations enhance the seed and enrich the soil so growers can get more from every acre.

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    We support the development of fossil fuel alternatives by converting byproducts and sustainable resources into energy.

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    Our technologies give growers flexibility at harvest to protect yields and empower them to market on their own terms.

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    Food Security

    Our integrated systems shelter, feed and comfort livestock so producers can meet demand for more protein, while being good stewards of their animals.

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    We engineer a more efficient infrastructure delivering quality grain to global markets.

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    We bring developing markets modern approaches to preserve more of their crop.

About Us

In the small town of Assumption, Illinois, GSI was built on a foundation of hard work and integrity. The Sloan family realized the need for reliable and affordable farming equipment, so in 1972 GSI was founded and the legacy of providing farmers with the latest grain production equipment began.

As the years passed, GSI quickly became more than just grain bins. In the pursuit to provide farmers and agribusiness professionals solutions, not just products, GSI rapidly looked to expand their product offering. By 1989 GSI had broken into the swine and poultry industries and began providing growers with a full line of protein production equipment. Then nearly ten years later GSI began to expand their reach in the grain sector by adding three additional product lines to their portfolio, material handling in 1997, conditioning in 2001 and catwalks and towers in 2013. With each new strategic addition, GSI consistently upholds their commitment to quality products and service that its business was built on and they continue to grow their business capabilities in order to provide agribusinesses with the most complete product offering possible.

Starting as one of the smallest bin manufacturers in the nation, GSI has quickly brought value to customers operations and grown to be the world’s largest grain storage manufacturer and a full line supplier of protein production equipment. AGCO saw this value and in 2011 GSI was acquired by AGCO and named one of their five core brands. GSI’s long and proud history of supporting farmers has accelerated as a member of the AGCO family and together AGCO and GSI continue to demonstrate that they are aggressive global innovators of agricultural solutions, offering technology based products that impact many sectors of the agricultural industry.

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Our Brands

GSI is built to address the needs of a growing world with solutions to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your operation. Our grain, swine, poultry, fertilizer, seed treatment and egg production brands are leading the way to a healthy future.
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Global Reach

GSI supports agriculture around the globe with the most extensive global manufacturing footprint and dealer network in our industry. We bring our customers local solutions with global expertise.