A New Twist on Watering

Reliable, long-lasting and efficient, Click watering offers excellent feed conversion by providing the right amount of water with minimal effort. Preassembled drinkers and a simple, patented push-together pipe design make for quick and easy installation. 


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Simple and secure twist attachment

The drinker is sealed by a stainless steel insert and ball. Through its natural movement, wear is uniform, providing durability and water flow reliability. Water flows from the center of the pipe to ensure stability and keep the seal leak and contaminant free.

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Easy Actuation for First-Day Chicks

Click offers a good start due to the low required force for triggering the pin. A chick just placed in the poultry house can apply a “force” of 2.8 ~ 3 grams. Click requires 1.9 grams for opening the first drop.

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Preassembled for Quick Installation

Drinkers come preassembled to the tube to reduce installation time and save you money.

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Easy Connections

Cumberland’s watering system connections* are engineered for a free flow of water and are simple to install. External sealing “O-Ring” connection allows for unobstructed water flow and easy push together assembly. No glue is necessary. Large volume 1.05” (27 mm) supply pipe is standard. The light resistant water pipe prevents algae. *US Patent No. 7,090,261

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Cumberland Water Regulator

Flushing of the Cumberland watering system requires no EXTRA plumbing or valves. The Cumberland end-line regulator has a unique in-line watering outlet design that enables it to be used for mid-line regulators with a simple removal of an end cap.

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Support Rail Joints

Cumberland's aluminum rail join connectors are easy to install and provide a robust fit for your connection needs.

Drinker Flow Rates






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Collapsible Rigid Pipe

An optional collapsible rigid stand pipe is available providing unencumbered raising of the watering line. US Patent No. 10,292,372

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End Kit

Cumberland’s end kit has a strong design that includes a tall, flexible sight gauge to easily check the pressure reading and a simple garden hose drain.
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Air Vent

Bleed air from high spots with air vents that can be installed anywhere on the system. The air vent offers mid-line sight gauge reading.

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Drinking Cups

The easy to install drink cup is available as an option on Cumberland’s watering system.

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Aluminum Rail Support

Aluminum rail is a popular corrosion resistant choice to support your Cumberland watering system.

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Round Pipe Support

Round pipe can also be used as a watering system support solution.