Agri-Alert 800EZ

Agri-Alert 800 EZ

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Agri-Alert 800 EZ

Monitor temperature, power, feed and water system, burglary and bio-security with Cumberland’s easy and reliable alarm system.

key features

Built-in Security with up to 10 Access Codes
12 volt rechargeable gel-cell battery back-up
Spike Block surge/lightning protection
Moisture and Dust-Tight ABS Enclosures
Self-Diagnostics of Complete System


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LCD Screen

The LCD screen allows you to view information quickly and clearly. The intuitive screen design makes it easy to navigate through the system’s menus.
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8 Zones

Agri-Alert 800 is capable of monitoring up to 8 zones.
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Off-Site Phone Capabilities

Call in from off site for zone temperature and system status reports. Alarms can be set to dial multiple phone numbers.


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Wireless Modules

Simply communicate between receivers and transmitters with the Agri-Alert WM3000. The wireless modules are designed to operate with the Agri-Alert 800 and 128 Touch models and offer an unobstructed range up to 3,000 feet. The wireless modules are easy to install, easy to program and easy to test.