The Next Generation of Controls


EDGE™ Controls

EDGE™ is a single platform that is versatile and intuitive allowing it to handle all control functions for broiler, breeder, pullet, layer, turkey and virtually any other poultry application. The unique design makes EDGE the only controller on the market that can be configured to match your operation’s specific requirements and is flexible enough to be adapted to new or existing houses. Throughout your birds’ growth stages, the management of HVAC, lighting, nutrition and weighing systems is made easier with EDGE.

key features

Remote Access
Modular Architecture
Multi-Room / Multi-House Controls
Multi-Language Support


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Information at a Glance

Navigation is easy with the large, 15" color touchscreen. Everything is right in front of you for quick, easy navigation. The buttons are large enough to be touched even when wearing gloves. Color-coded notifications give you real-time status of your entire operation. Site-wide conditions can also be monitored from the touchscreen.

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Triple Layer Protection

Triple layers of protection, with fail-safe redundancy to control mission-critical functions

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Remote Connectivity

Plug in an Ethernet cable and you are ready to take control of the system from the comfort of your truck, office, couch, and anywhere in between. EDGE gives you the freedom to leave the farm while knowing you are only one touch or click away.

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Modular Architecture

Modular architecture allows the system to be built exactly to your needs. Whether you run a large operation with dozens of sites or a smaller facility with one or two houses, EDGE scales with the appropriate number of inputs and outputs and becomes more economical as your operation expands.

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Configuration Wizard

The built-in Configuration Wizard is designed to guide you through the initial set-up by prompting you with questions about each of the specific applications that have been installed. Simply input the fans, inlets, temperature probes, lights, and other equipment you have, where they are located, and the production type (broiler, breeder, layer, pullet, turkey). Based on this information, EDGE will automatically configure run settings to operate at optimal conditions.

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Self Diagnostics

Should anything go wrong, the built-in self-diagnostics make troubleshooting easy. Before you go flipping through a manual or calling tech support, self-diagnostics can identify a number of issues. The system can tell you when a sensor is disconnected or incorrectly wired, if a piece of equipment is drawing too much or too little current, or if internet connectivity is down. It will pinpoint exactly where the problem is and what you need to do to fix it.


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EDGE Bin Scale

Monitor feed usage, track feed levels and automatically e-mail the feed mill when bins are getting low with the EDGE Bin Scale.

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GSIEDGE.com is your portal to the most advanced animal production data management system available. Monitor and manage all aspects of the production process including ventilation, feed inventory and consumption, cooling, heating, lighting, animal weight and watering. GSIEDGE.com keeps you informed with real-time site information, utilizing easy-to-read graphics and reports to quickly identify issues and optimize your farm’s performance. GSIEDGE.com is cloud-based and accessible from any Internet-connected web browser.

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Remote Display

Optional remote display boxes give producers the ability to view and modify control settings from any location, regardless of main controller's location.

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Plug-In Modules

Similar to the input/output expansion slots in a computer, plug-in modules serve different functions, allowing you to customize the system based on your specific configuration. As you expand, or new technologies and applications are introduced, add new modules to reflect new functionality allowing you to integrate a wide variety of components into a single, efficient system.

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Manual Switch Boxes

Manual bypass switch boxes are available to use with the EDGE control system. Manually bypass different outputs from the EDGE control system with either 4 or 6 Auto/Off/On outputs to allow manual control of fans, lights, heaters, and more. Each switch is rated at 10 amp maximum output.