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Super-Saver Heaters


The Super-Saver XL heating line is a line of direct fired heaters that have model variations for both inside suspension hanging and outside mounting. The inside mount model is a gas circulating heater that’s dependability and rugged construction make it the ideal unit for a poultry environment.

Outside Mounted Heaters
The outside mount models are forced air heaters that come complete with all relevant brackets and accessories for installation. Its superior combustion is provided by clean, fresh outside air which insures healthy, safe heat for your poultry needs. All models are available with options for natural gas or liquid propane.


SSHeat Chics
225,000 BTU Inside Mount Model


Outside Mount Heater
225,000 BTU Outside Mount Model

    Super-Saver Features:
  • models available from 40K to all 250K BTU
  • hot surface or all direct spark ignition options
  • high temp aluminized steel burn chamber
  • side swing door for easy access and maintenance
  • diagnostic lights for troubleshooting ease
  • standard adjustable “y” heat deflector
  • 1/3 HP totally enclosed thermally protected motor
    with sealed bearings
  • 1/10 HP on all 40,000 to 75,000 BTU units
  • standard 1/2” gas cock installed at gas valve
  • back-up safety sail switch
  • high limit safety switch (manual reset)
  • on/off toggle switch
  • available in 120v and 240v models
  • stainless steel, high altitude, and
    CE certified models available

Ignition Systems
Both Hot Surface and Direct Spark electronic ignition systems are available. Super Saver heaters eliminate the expense of fuel wasted by inefficient and out dated pilot light ignition systems.

Service Door
“Service-Saver” enclosed control box unit sealed from debris like dust and moisture makes the unit easily field serviceable. The side swinging door design gives easy access to internal components like the control unit and blower motor.


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